Flamboyant Flamingos


Algorithmically generated collector art NFTs exclusively for the Neo community!

Contract adress: 0xa35233a13081335bec2b56db16903b07f07bf1a6


Limited to 500 max supply

5x 100 pieces available

50% community airdropped

Maximum 250 for public sale


Step 1: Purchase NEO/GAS/FLM

You can purchase these on Binance, Flamingo.finance or another exchange.

Step 2: Send NEO/GAS/FLM to Neoline wallet (Chrome extention).

Step 3: Connect Neoline wallet to ghostmarket.io.

This can easily be done on the ghostmarket.io website.

Step 4: Navigate to Flamboyant Flamingos collection.

Step 5: Bid on your desired Flamingo.

Step 6: Win the auction and claim your NFT.

Flamboyant Flamingos,
Generative collector art NFT exclusively for the Neo community. A tribute to the Neo ecosystem, inspired by the logo of Neo’s native defi project Flamingo Finance.

Hence, five hundred pixelated Flamboyant Flamingos were initiated using an off-chain algorithm. Flamboyant Flamingos is the first project utilizing the FTW Smith NEP-11 NFT tool. Using this tool, these five hundred flamingos are manually minted in five interations of a hundred mints each. The flamingos in this collection are stored on-chain through base64 format, for which a total fee of about 100 GAS is paid initially. After the mint, each token will forever be tokenized on the Neo N3 blockchain.

The Flamboyant Flamingos are generated using five layers and one attribute; pride value. Pride value is conceptualized with a number randomly generated according to a normal distribution with a mean of M = 50 and a standard deviation of s = 25, with values capped at 1 and 99. A total of 1% legendary mints with a pride value of 100 are manually designed and strategically placed by hand at the levels of the hundreds; the Golden Flamingos. Pride values could be used for integration in Dapp’s in the future.

50% of the entire Flamboyant Flamingos collection is to be airdropped as a reward to the Neo community. Community members can qualify by providing information, promotional content, creative ideas, valued discussion, sharing updates and so on and so forth. Winners will be chosen by monitoring activity on all Neo communication channels and N3 dapp communication channels thoroughly and will be contacted personally. Winners are to be announced by formal announcement after every airdrop, specifying the reason for receiving this unique NFT. Airdrops will be completely random, legendary mints included in the raffle. The remaining 50% will be sold on Ghostmarket.io. In conclusion, a total of 250 Flamboyant Flamingos will be airdropped, and 250 will be sold.

The entire collection will be released over five interations. Each interation consists of one hundred mints, from which 50% will be airdropped. Auctions of each individual interation go live only when the community airdrop has finished for that particular interation and the list of winners has been announced. The next iteration airdrop is to go live only when previous iteration auctions have been completed. Floor prices TBD and can vary for each interation. Active marketing campaigns will be started on both instagram, twitter and tiktok.

Process per iteration
To provide directives, the steps below give an overview of the events each iteration of mints will follow. Each iteration will take a couple of weeks. Marketing on social media continue throughout the entire process.

 — Minting 100
 — Approaching winners
 — Announcing winners
 — 50 Flamboyant Flamingos airdrop
 — 50 Flamboyant Flamingos public sale

Why N3?
Flamboyant Flamingos chose Neo N3 blockchain as its release platform for several reasons. Firstly, the developer friendliness and willingness to help within the community. Secondly, competentness of the blockchain and being the first complete all-in-one blockchain ready for mass adoption. Thirdly, because it got inspired by Neo’s native defi project Flamingo Finance. Lastly, first mover advantage and potential for the project by adopting Neo N3 early. Flamboyant Flamingos will give early Neo adopters a chance on obtaining a one of its kind collectors art NFT on the Neo N3 blockchain.

Flamboyant Flamingos are algorithmically generated collector art non fungible tokens that allows buyers to showcase their pieces and hold these in their wallets. Each Flamboyant Flamingo is unique and generated through an off-chain algorithm, stored on-chain through base64 format. Flamboyant Flamingos are minted with pride values between 1 and 99. Legendary pieces are minted with pride values of 100.
For more detailed information, check out the Medium articles.

By purchasing Flamboyant Flamingos, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment contract and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. Although Flamboyant Flamingos is a community driven NFT Ecosystem and not a registered digital currency, always make sure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations before you make any purchase.
Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are not legal tender and are not investments.


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